Saki Shizukume (雫芽 さき) is a minor character of Mahou Shoujo Site, she's the older sibling of Sarina Shizukume.

Appearance Edit

She has pink colored hair, styled in two lose ponytails being held together by two light green scrunchies. She has pink eyelashes and eyes. She has a big bust size and has peach-colored skin. She mostly wears over sized short or long sleeved sweatshirts and shorts. She wears big, black glasses and heart-shaped earrings. She has been seen wearing a blouse, shorts and platform sandals.

Her appearance is currently being copied by Rina Shioi.

Personality Edit

She is seems to be cheerful and sweet, and is very caring for her sister, Sarina.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though she went to the hospital, she might have not know that Rina copied her appearance. This must be because she was busy of worrying for Sarina.
  • She isn't in the Mahou Shoujo Site anime, if she was, she would've been in episode 3.
  • The place she got photographed by one of Rina's sticks that were stolen was on the street.
  • Rina killed Mikado, a friend of Nijimi Anazawa, after copying the appearance of Saki, so she seems to have been mistaken for Rina and killed when she encounters Nijimi.