Mr. Asagiri is a supporting antagonist in Mahou Shoujo Site. He's the father of the main protagonist, Aya Asagiri.

Appearance Edit

He has a light complexion, gray eyes and gray hair. He's been seen wearing white dress shirts and black pants.

Personality Edit

He has the highest of expectations for Kaname and gets angered when he disappoints him, he takes his anger out by beating his son, making him an abusive father as he does not even care about the mental or physical well-being of his son, only caring if his son can fulfill his expectations, and is willing to brutally punch a heavily wounded Kaname for being unwilling to study instead focusing on an impending danger.

When Kaname went missing, he lost all hope. He began drinking and taking less care of himself. When he was having a meltdown, his wife told him that Kaname wasn't his only child. This meaning that he only acknowledges Kaname and ignores Aya.

It appears that he clearly does not care nor have any knowledge about the Mahou Shoujo Site, seeing how he immediately ordered the site admin to leave the house and calling it a distraction from Kaname’s studies.

As shown, he is quite bold. When Kaname told His mom to hide the panties, he thought that they must have to do with the trouble he had been in lately, and put them on with no hesitation.

Abilities Edit

Mind Control Edit

He picked up Nijimi Anazawa's stick that his wife kept in the room of Kaname and used it.

Trivia Edit

  • He is mentally abusive towards Aya and physically towards Kaname.
  • Judging by his appearance, he might be in his late or mid 40s.
  • He might be the reason why Kaname thinks of himself as God.
  • His surname Asagiri/朝霧  means "morning fog".
  • He is the ninth male to use a stick in the series.
  • He is the second middle aged character to use a stick in the Mahou Shoujo Site series, the first being Reiko Maguchi.