Mikadon Ikemata (池股 みかど) is a minor character of Mahou Shoujo Site, she was Nijimi's bestfriend.

Appearance Edit

She has short, brown hair with a black headband and peach colored skin. In her school uniform, she wears a white dress shirt covered by a cardigan. She wears a black jacket with plaid cuffs.

Personality Edit

She is seemed to be a friendly person. She helped Nijimi become a proper magical girl and they soon became friends.

History Edit

When Nijimi's family were going through problems, Mikado would often ask her if she's okay, which Nijimi would reply that nothing has happened, not wanting to worry Mikado. However, after receiving her stick, Mikado interludes when Nijimi was about to use her stick by a barrier. She then tells Nijimi that she has a dream, and that she'll be there to support her.

One day, when she was in a karaoke bar with Nijimi, the "Magical Girl Hunter" appeared and killed her to gain stick. The most odd thing about her death was that the cause of it was blood loss, meaning the head was alive for a few minutes until it grow cold despite being exploded, hence the forensics was baffled by the autopsy report.

Since that day, Nijimi wanted to avenge her death.

Ability Edit

Force Field Edit

By clicking the top of the mechanical pencil, she can create a magic barrier that neglect all physical and/or magical attack. By using her stick, her hair changes color. Her pencil was given to her by Nana, which would be later stolen by the "Magical Hunter". The effects when Mikado used her stick are currently unknown.

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