Erika Kaijima (貝島 えりか) is minor character in Mahou Shoujo Site.

Appearance Edit

She is a fair-skinned girl with dark blonde hair, medium length and has an orange hair accessory that supports her side tail that faces to the right direction. She has dark yellow green eyes.

Personality Edit

She is mean as she, Sarina, and Kawano tormented Aya everyday. She also watched as a senior named Shota Arai tries takes away Aya virginity, but Aya escaped so she and Shota looked for her. She is also cruel as she mocked Aya about the cat she cared for, saying "The guts went everywhere." before throwing the collar to Aya, this triggered Aya to use her stick and indirectly killing them both.

Her death was the reason of Sarina's growing hatred for Aya, though Sarina's hatred didn't last long. Her death was also one of the reasons why Sarina became a Magical Girl.

She is also a delinquent, further proof of this is when one student said “Both of them were delinquents anyway, So aren't they better off dead?”. who was often rather pleased Erika and Shota being dead.

Were some who are amused by passing double suicide or a triangle relationship, rumors unfounded, such as entanglement of blind love is in.

Trivia: Edit

  • In the manga, it was shown that she and Shota were the first to get used a stick on.
  • Erika and Shota's deaths were also the first to show in the manga.
  • She, Alice, and Melissa are the only known characters to have common names that aren't Japanese. Their names are common in the American and Europe continent.